As a little bonus for my friends and followers every month I provide a free image for use as your desktop background wallpaper on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Each beautiful photo is a picture that I have created and it always includes a calendar overlay for the month. I know that I’m always looking for a calendar and having one on my desktop or phone wallpaper is very convenient!

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Free Desktop Wallpaper for June 2016

This month's calendar image features a flock of American White Pelicans on the Bow River at Wyndham Carseland Provincial Park near Carseland on the prairies south east of Calgary. Large groups of Pelicans return to the prairies every spring and stay all summer.

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Free Desktop Wallpaper for May 2016

This month's calendar image features the big male lion from the Calgary Zoo. Normally a very calm and quiet bunch, the lions were very active during a recent visit on cloudy spring day. This male walked all around the enclosure and politely paused and looked right at me for a few portraits.

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Free Desktop Wallpaper for April 2016

This month's calendar image features the full moon setting over the Calgary city skyline just before sunrise. The glowing lights of the city sparkling in the morning mist match perfectly with the glow from the moon itself!

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Free Desktop Wallpaper for March 2016

This month's calendar image features a pair of horses in a farm field just east of Calgary at sunset. The dramatic sunset lit up the clouds over the horizon and created a beautiful silhouette of the Rocky Mountains on the western horizon and a chinook arch high overhead. The horses observing me from the farm field near the road were a lucky break and a fun addition to the photo!

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Free Desktop Wallpaper for February 2016

This months calendar image features a stand of beautiful white birch trees in winter. We went snowshoeing at the West Bragg Creek Provincial Recreation Area in the foothills southwest of Calgary. We made our way around the Snowshoe Hare trail, which is a very popular trail for beginners to snowshoeing. It's not too terribly busy but popular enough that the trail is well marked and beaten down by other visitors. It's also a good distance (about 6 km) if you want to take your kids.

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