Female Mountain Bluebird perched on a Fencepost

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Mountain Bluebird in Spring

Even though we’re in the middle of yet another icy blast of winter, the signs of spring are showing up faster and faster every day in Calgary. We saw our first Robin of the year the other day, and a massive flock of European Starlings flew over our house on Sunday. The Canadian Tire flyer is full of garden tools and outdoor furniture. Put all of these together and surely spring will be here very soon!

One of my favorite things to see and do in the spring is to go out into the countryside surrounding Calgary to search for Mountain Bluebirds. These beautiful creatures can often be found near any one of the hundreds (thousands?) of bluebird boxes that are attached to fences all around Alberta. I have had particular success in finding them south of the city near Spruce Meadows.

As with many bird species, male and female Mountain Bluebirds are strikingly different. Although they are essentially the same size and shape, the males are completely covered in brilliantly colored iridescent blue feathers, while the females are largely a muted gray color with only a splash of blue on their wings. They are still very beautiful but in a much more subtle way.


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