American White Pelican on the Bow River

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As a little bonus for my friends and followers every month I provide a free image for use as your desktop background wallpaper on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Each beautiful photo is a picture that I have created and it always includes a calendar overlay for the month. I know that I’m always looking for a calendar and having one on my desktop or phone wallpaper is very convenient!

White Pelicans

The first time I saw a Pelican on the Bow River in Calgary I was completely shocked. I never imagined that these massive birds would stray so far from the warm waters of the tropics where they are much more commonly found. But it turns out that they migrate far to the north every summer and they are a regular fixture on the lakes, rivers, and prairie sloughs in Alberta.

We used to see dozens of them at a time (sometimes hundreds even) every summer in the Bow River just below the old weir at Harvey passage near downtown Calgary. They would congregate near the the shoreline at Pearce Estate Park and you could get very close to them. In recent years since the construction of the new weir began they have hardly been seen in Calgary at all. This summer we have seen them pretty regularly near the zoo bridge in Inglewood and also near the Graves bridge in the southeast. I don’t know if this is a sign that there are more of them in the area this year or if we have simply been lucky enough to see them. I’m just happy that they are here!

This months calendar image is from a few years ago at the old weir at Harvey Passage. It was always fun to be able to create extreme close up images of the pelicans fishing in the water!


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