As a little bonus for my friends and followers every month I provide a free image for use as your desktop background wallpaper on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Each beautiful photo is a picture that I have created and it always includes a calendar overlay for the month. I know that I’m always looking for a calendar and having one on my desktop or phone wallpaper is very convenient!

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Free Desktop Wallpaper for January 2017

This month's calendar image comes from a recent family vacation to Australia. We spent several days visiting my Aunt in Hervey Bay, which (about 300 km North of Brisbane). We first saw the Urangan Pier on the first day of the trip and I knew that I would need to photograph it at sunrise before leaving the area. Because sunrise is so early in that part of the country I delayed and delayed until the final morning of our visit. Fortunately the sunrise was amazing and it was well worth the effort to get up so early!!

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Free Desktop Wallpaper for December 2016

This month's calendar image was made on a cool and wet fall day in Revelstoke. The weather has been incredibly mild and we've hardly seen any snow. I'm not complaining but it does feel more than a little bit surreal. It was also very cool to find these beautiful red maple leaves on the ground during our visit to Revy.

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Free Desktop Wallpaper for November 2016

This month's calendar image is an landscape photo taken just after sunrise on a frosty fall morning. The grasses in the field were all touched by frost and coated in ice crystals. The grasses were bathed in a beautiful soft warm light that only lasted for a few minutes.

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Free Desktop Wallpaper for October 2016

This month's calendar image is an abstract landscape photo of the fallen leaves floating on the surface of the water in the small pond at Carburn Park in SE Calgary. I went for a sunset walk with my family and the sky was cloudy and gray so I spent my time searching for the details and abstractions rather than the grand landscapes.

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Free Desktop Wallpaper for September 2016

This month's calendar image features the most beautiful hike that you've probably never heard of! The terrain and features of the lake itself are very similar to Chester Lake (a few km down the highway), but the actual hike up to the lake is much much nicer than the hike to Chester.

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