Family Portrait Sessions

Family portrait sessions are always very flexible and fun, and the goal is always to capture the spirit of each of your family members. Sometimes that means you want a classically posed formal portrait in the studio, while another time it might mean a relaxing walk at the park with your entire family.

Traditional family sessions take about an hour and we can do them at my home studio, at a local park, or at another beautiful location of your choice in the Calgary area. We could also set up a special trip out to the mountains or to the prairie if that’s where your heart and soul are more at home.

Please download the Family Portrait Guide for more information about the packages and pricing details. Packages can be tailored to your specific needs so feel free to contact us to discuss your needs or to book your session.

Book a Family Portrait Session

Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs or to order a custom photography product.

Book a Family Portrait Session

Testimonial from Pam McCarthy - Event Photography

I first met Sean when he did portraits of my dog - not an easy task (she's a pug, and very wiggly!) The photos turned out so great, and I contacted him soon after to discuss hiring Riverwood Photography for my corporate events. As an event planner, it is imperative to work with vendors who will: show up on time, use quality equipment, produce quality work - on time and on budget! In addition, they have to treat my guests well, be willing to work with them and have a good attitude while they do it. Sean and his team consistently exceed my expectations! He's very easy to work with and he just "gets" the look and feel of what I expect produced as the end result. I will continue to hire Riverwood Photography for portratis, corporate events - and hopefully one day weddings! I highly recommend!

Pam McCarthy
Five Star Events