As a little bonus for my friends and followers every month I provide a free image for use as your desktop background wallpaper on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Each beautiful photo is a picture that I have created and it always includes a calendar overlay for the month. I know that I’m always looking for a calendar and having one on my desktop or phone wallpaper is very convenient!

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Free Desktop Wallpaper for May 2019 – Bald Eagle with Lunch

This month's calendar features a scenic image of an adult Bald Eagle eating a smaller bird for lunch on the rocks at Clover Point in Victoria, BC. The eagle flew over top of us and landed nearby with other bird in its talons. It proceeded to ignore us (and the ravens flying all around it) for several minutes while it enjoyed its meal. After resting a few more minutes it flew away and we thought the show was over. But no, it came back with another bird in its talons only a couple of minutes later. What an amazing show!

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Free Desktop Wallpaper for April 2019 – Fisgard Lighthouse

This month's calendar features a scenic image of the Fisgard Lighthouse at Ford Rodd Hill National Historic Site near Victoria, BC. Fisgard is the oldest lighthouse on the west coast of Canada. It was originally built to help guide ships through the mouth of Esquimalt harbour. It remains today as a National Historic Site operated by Parks Canada and is a popular tourist destination for visitors to Victoria.

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Free Desktop Wallpaper for March 2019 – Trumpeter Swan

This month's calendar features a Trumpeter Swan in the Bow River near Carburn Park in SE Calgary. Migration season is just around the corner but with the extreme cold weather that we've had for weeks in Calgary this bird seems to be a little overly optimistic. Having siad that it didn't seem to be bothered by the cold at all and was happily eating and preening in the water.

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Free Desktop Wallpaper for February 2019 – Bragg Creek Moose

This month's calendar features a cow moose that I came across out near West Bragg Creek. Interestingly there is a "Moose Crossing" warning sign just down the road from this spot. That never happens! I had actually seen a cow and a calf in the same place about a week earlier and so it's possible that this is the same cow. There was no sign of the calf on this trip though.

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Free Desktop Wallpaper for January 2019 – Bow River Ice Crystals

This month's calendar features an image from the Bow River in Calgary. It got very cold and very windy over the last few days and as a result some really cool ice crystals formed on the surface near the shore of the Bow River. It mostly looks like wind blown snow until you get really close and then you realize that it really is crystallized ice. The patterns in the ice are very interesting and they look amazingly different from different angles and depending on where the sun hits them!

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