New Client Order Entry SystemThis is a first-look announcement that I have recently installed a brand new order entry system in the client area! The new system is a full-featured shopping cart that allows for direct order entry by you the client. This is a quantum leap forward vs. my old system! You will have full access to order packages, prints, and other products on the site, and pay for them immediately. You will be able to select the images you want in each package and in each size. You will be able to see exactly what your order is going to cost and how many print credits you have available to use. This is going to make my life (and yours) so much easier following a photography session, and I am very excited about this change!

For now I have only been able to include a limited range of products, but eventually this will expand to include the majority of stock products that I offer, including photo books and albums. Custom products will always be available by contacting me directly.

The old client area has already been replaced with the new system and all previous client galleries have been deactivated. For various reasons I will be transferring a limited number of the old galleries over to the new system, but I will not be automatically activating every gallery. If you are looking for images from one of your past sessions please let me know and I would be happy to transfer your gallery as well.

If you’re interested in checking out the new order entry system please feel free to visit the Client Area of the site and check out the Fine Art Prints gallery. This gallery is fully functional and open for business!

Note also that as I’m just rolling out this cart system now, there may still be a few bugs. I’d appreciate any feedback you can provide.