Baby's First Year Program Guide - Spring 2010 | Riverwood Photography | Calgary, Alberta, CanadaI have received some great feedback from a few people that are very important to me that the information available about my Portrait and Lifestyle packages needed some work. They were lacking some important details to begin with, and they were a bit too complicated anyway.

In order to fix this I have completely revised all of my packages and pricing. The important details can now be found in two downloadable PDF guides. I will continue to tweak these guides as required based on customer feedback, but the prices will not change significantly in the short term.

Portrait & Print Pricing Guide - Spring 2010 | Riverwood Photography | Calgary, Alberta, CanadaThe Portrait and Print Pricing Guide (Spring 2010) and the Baby’s First Year Program Guide are now available for download.

Note that the pricing in these guides will take effect immediately, but if you really have your heart set on one of my previous packages then please feel free to ask for it and I’d be happy to oblige.

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