I would like to announce an incredible workshop opportunity coming to Calgary this summer. I hope you will consider joining me for two days with fashion and editorial photographer Troy Moth as he passes through Calgary on a cross Canada road trip this summer. This will be a hands-on photography workshop where Troy will show us what he does in typical (real-life) assignment situations, using equipment that is available to all of us. We will all get a chance to interact with the models and to create images of our own. This is a fantastic opportunity that doesn’t come along very often.

Where: Calgary Chinese Cultural Community Center
(downtown Calgary near Eau Claire Market)
When: July 24-25, 2010
Cost: $350

Troy Moth – http://www.TroyMoth.com

The Real Light Workshop Website:

Online Registration:

About the Instructor:
The Troy Moth was born in the deep woods of British Columbia. He was raised by a group of tree planters and spent the first few years of life sleeping in a tent. After a few seasons the Moth moved to a ranch next to the ocean. The Moth still prefers sleeping in a tent to a bed and he now feeds mostly on pomegranates and lychee. As the Moth grew older, he migrated across Canada to Toronto with only his beard for protection. The Moth can now be spotted across Canada and India with his camera. While traveling India the Moth has shot for editorial clients such as: Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia, Rolling Stone, and GQ. The Moth has also been spotted in Applied Arts Magazine for best in fashion the last two seasons.

About the Real Light Workshops:
"The workshop starts with the foundation, a basic light. This basic light rapidly moves into something that has taken me years to understand and develop. I don’t expect you to learn in two days what I spent half a decade perfecting, but rather for you to leave with a new outlook on lighting, and of course several new lighting techniques to start using right away!"

"There will be no demonstrations with thousands of dollars of equipment, although I do shoot that way sometimes (the record was a shoot for Vogue India in 2009 – We had over $100,000 US in equipment on set!). I will instead be showing you lighting that you can actually use the next day."

"Workshops are 2 days in length, there will be a professional model each day and a professional makeup artist. Workshops are a mix of studio and location."

Calgary Real Light Schedule:
Saturday July 24th – Day One!
Day1 is a full-scale fashion shoot featuring a professional model and a professional makeup artist. You will have the opportunity to learn lighting techniques Troy has used for clients like Vogue and Grazia. There will be both indoor and outdoor lighting demonstrations.

Sunday July 25th – Day Two!
Day2 is all about the portrait. You will have the opportunity to learn lighting techniques Troy has used for clients like Rolling Stone and GQ. There will be both indoor and outdoor lighting demonstrations.

At the end of Day2 Troy will take the time to review portfolios and give critiques, make sure you have your book or images handy for this opportunity!

What to bring:
-DSLR camera body
-Lens / Lenses
-Lots of CF/SD cards
-Spare battery/batteries
-Pen and Paper
-Laptop (not required)
-Portfolio (not required)

Please note:
There will be a 1-hour lunch break each day, food is not provided by Real Light but we will make be situated in downtown Calgary. There are lots of options close by in Chinatown, or anywhere else in the downtown core too. You are also welcome to bring a lunch.

Calgary Real Light Workshop Sample Image 1