Images from a Custom Photobooth for a Wedding

Canadiana Themed Photobooth

We were invited to a provide a custom photobooth at a wedding that was to be attended by a large number of non-Canadians. The groom was originally from Edmonton and he wanted the booth to have a solidly Canadiana theme. He specifically asked us to bring an assortment of props that included the Canadian flag and showed off our Canadian heritage. We already had plenty of hockey equipment (sticks, gloves, jerseys) and it was pretty easy to add a few more flags, toques, antler hats, etc. that represent the things that we love about Canada.

The booth was a smashing success and we had a huge crowd swarming around us for the entire time that we were operating the booth. Lots of great laughs and plenty of fun!

Although for this particular event we were asked to work toward a very specific theme, this booth was not so different than what we could provide for any other wedding, party, or corporate event. If you have a themed party coming up why not ask us how we can help to keep your guests in a party mood and have even more fun than they would otherwise have?

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