Headshots on a Calgary Management Consultant’s Website

Executive Headshots

Making the decision to display pictures of your executives and senior management or sales team members on your website is a great move. Experience has shown that people want to know who they’re doing business with and simply displaying a great headshot on a website is one easy way to build that relationship and foster trust long before you ever meet your clients in person. But making the decision to display a headshot is only the first step.

Make a Great First Impression

We’ve all heard the old adage that you only get one chance to make a first impression. In the past that first impression for a business owner or corporate executive was typically made in person at a meeting or other commercial setting. But times have changed and more often than not now that first impression happens online on LinkedIn, Facebook, or your company website. Therefore it’s more important than ever that your website and other marketing materials look great. It also means that if you decide to use your picture in your marketing then it needs to be great too.

Matching Headshots for your Entire Team

One way to make sure that your website looks great is to make sure that all of the headshots you display look professional, portray the image you want to be associated with your company, and that they are all done in a similar style and presentation to each other. Ideally that would mean that the photos are all made at the same time using the same backdrop and lighting.

Of course there are many reasons why it doesn’t always work to have the photos done at the same time, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be done in the same style with similar lighting and backdrop. A great photographer will know how to ensure that any new images created can be made to match the existing photos.

The images in this post are a great example of this… These were done over 3 different sessions at 2 locations for the partners and senior staff at Calgary Management Consultanting firm of GPO & Associates. The images are used on their company website, LinkedIn profiles, and the proposals that they issue to their prospective clients.

Book an Executive Portrait Session for your Office

If you need some new photos for your executive leadership team or your sales staff and you want them all to match or to be in the same style as the existing images on your site then we can help with that. Using a complete portable portrait studio and a variety of professional backdrops we can come into your office and setup a studio in your boardroom, foyer, or warehouse and create the images you need for your marketing materials. Feel free to contact Sean at 403-615-3708 to discuss your specific requirements.

Book a Calgary Commercial Photographer

Book a Calgary Commercial Photographer