Environmental Portrait for Calgary Realtor Evelyn Volk

Headshots don’t have to be done in the Studio

We create new business portraits for small business owners and corporate executives almost every day. And most of those portrait photography sessions are done in the studio. But they don’t have to be… We will happily work on-location and outside at any time of the year. In fact sometimes we do both in the same session. Studio portraits are timeless and can be used all the time. Environmental business portraits are also very effective at telling a story or providing a little bit more information about your personal style or brand.

Here is a sample gallery from a recent photoshoot with Calgary Realtor Evelyn Volk. Evelyn needed some new headshots for her website and social media accounts, as well as for her business cards, lawn signs, and other real estate marketing collateral. She wanted some traditional studio headshots but she also wanted some seasonal outdoor images that could be used for newsletters and other advertising during the fall season. We met at my home studio and created a series of traditional headshots on a studio background, and then we went to a nearby park to take advantage of the beautiful fall colors.

If you need some new business headshots and aren’t sure what you want to include in the background please feel free to contact Sean at 403-615-3708 and we can quickly discuss how you will use the images. There are plenty of great photography locations in Calgary and we will be able to find a location that works for your specific needs.

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