Video Slideshow from the Eight Avenue Place Stampede Lunch

Stampede Themed Photobooth

For the third year in a row I had the honor of contributing to the Stampede Lunch hosted by Eight Avenue Place for their resident businesses. This year we provided 2 separate Stampede themed Photobooths for the guests to show off their Stampede outfits. We provided a selection of props for them to improve their look, including a number of very authentic rifles, gunbelts, and period outfits that the building management made available. We were also operating 2 complete print stations and were able to provide a commemorative photo print for each participant. It was a really great time and we had lots of fun.

You can see a number of the photos from the photobooths in the animated slideshow above. A few of my favorites as well as a few more of the photography team behind the scenes can be found at the end of this post.

Calgary Event Planning

Thanks so much to the staff at Five Star Events who organized the event. They made it extremely easy for us to come in and do our jobs, and they also put together another amazing meal for all of the participants.

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