Barred Owl with Lunch

Image Selected as a PhotoShelter Staff Favorite

I was thrilled to learn that the above image of an owl eating its lunch (which I created at the Calgary Zoo) was featured as a staff favorite by the good people over at Photoshelter and used in their annual Christmas mailing campaign.

Photoshelter is a photography sales service that I use to host a significant number of my nature and landscape photography images that don’t really fit within the scope of this site. It is also home to over 70,000 photographers doing the same thing, and they literally have millions of images to choose from. To have one my images selected as a staff favorite (1 of only 72 such images selected) and used in their holiday mailing is really cool!

++ Happy Holidays + PhotoShelter Staff Favorites ++

Note that the list of other photographers featured include some of the biggest names in the business today. In fact my image is placed right beside one from Bryan Adams. Yes, that Bryan Adams! He is a very well known as a photographer in addition to his music.

I have thousands of images available for purchase on Photoshelter, mostly from my wanderings in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and the prairies to the east of Calgary. I don’t have much time to do that kind of photography anymore but I will always be passionate about it and I have a large library of images of birds, animals, and beautiful scenery that I am very proud of.

While this particular picture is of a captive bird at the Calgary Zoo, it is still one of my favorite owl images and it was an exciting moment that I can still remember vividly!