100 Million Cameras: The Business of Photography in 2013

Presentation Link: 100 Million Cameras by Sean Phillips on Prezi

This is a presentation that I prepared for the members of the Calgary Camera Club. The discussion was about the business of photography and whether or not photography is a viable business in the current economic climate.

The premise for the title came from the fact that over 100 million dSLR and Point and Shoot cameras were produced in 2012 (worldwide) and that photography salaries have dropped dramatically since the early 2000’s. This is largely due to the growth of microstock as a replacement for custom photography, the rise of smartphones with cameras in everybody’s pockets, and the explosion of amateur photographers doing their own photography rather than hiring a professional.

My conclusion is that it is definitely possible to create a viable photography business, just as it is possible to create many other viable businesses even in the face of stiff competition. It simply requires a lot of hard work, some business savvy, and constant innovation.

Free Resources Listed in the Presentation

Animated Slideshow

Here is the animated video slideshow that I also showed during the presentation. This is a collection of images from my portfolio from the last several years…