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Seeing my work printed out really large and put on display never gets old. This image is from a back country canoe trip to Algonquin Provincial Park in Northern Ontario several years ago. We camped on our very own private island in the middle of Booth Lake on the East side of the park. It was one of the most peaceful places to camp that you could imagine. We stayed in the park for two nights and took the opportunity to do a lot of exploring and an equal amount of relaxing. It was a wonderful trip and I highly recommend it if you are ever looking for some adventure in Eastern Canada.

This image was printed on premium fine art canvas and mounted in a gallery wrap frame at 30×60 inches. Because it was so large we used a 2.5 inch stretcher frame instead of the more standard 1.5 inch frame we normally use. Gallery wrap images wrap around the frame so that you can see some of the image from any angle that you are viewing it from. With a 2.5 inch stretcher you can see even more of the image and it is a very impressive display.

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