Fun Props for Event Photo Booths

New and Replacement Photobooth Props

I was doing some prep work for a couple of upcoming events and thought I would share some of the new and popular props that we have in the box. Every event that we do is different and we always try to match the silly props and the backdrop with the type of event that we are working at. We are also constantly adding fun new stuff and replacing old and worn out props with new and better gear. Or simply replacing consumable pieces with more. Over the last year fake mustaches were our most popular item at every single event we did. I can’t even count how many staches we went through last year, but it was definitely in the hundreds. Possibly over a thousand…

We have so many other items in the prop box that I can’t begin to tell you about all of the stuff that we bring to events. Some of the other items that are always popular include cowboy hats, sunglasses, handcuffs, and boxing gloves.

One new set of props that we have recently added is a stack of cards with fun phrases that the participants can hold up. Of course we will tailor these to the events that we attend and we will pay attention to which cards are the most popular.

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Are you planning an event for later this year? Do you have a corporate event during Calgary Stampede? Maybe you’re planning a wedding in the summer? We can provide a great source of entertainment for your guests at any type of party or event. From corporate parties to weddings to Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, we can help you out.

We will work with you to incorporate the theme of your event into our set, the collection of props we bring, and the custom overlay that we can print directly onto the finished images. Contact us today to book a Custom Photobooth for your next holiday party, stampede event, wedding, or other just about any other occasion.

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