Matching Business Headshots for your Company

Group Portraits for your Business

If you need new corporate portraits for your executive team or your sales staff to use on the company website, LinkedIn, and other social media profiles then you really want them all to match. It’s a really good practice to do photos for all of your employees or team members at the same time and location. This will ensure that they are done using the same backdrop and lighting style, and using similar poses.

Book a Corporate Headshot Session

We have a complete portable portrait studio that we can setup in your boardroom, foyer, or warehouse. We have a variety of professional backdrops for you to choose from or we can use a nice wall or other beautiful features at your location if you prefer.

Please contact contact Sean at 403-615-3708 to discuss your specific requirements or to schedule a session.

Book a Group Headshot Session for your Office

Book a Group Headshot Session for your Office