Finding the Perfect Way to Display Your Portraits

We often get asked for recommendations on how to display the wall portraits that we create for our family portrait clients. There are many fun and unique things to do with your photos; you may want to hang them in traditional frames or canvases, make a photo collage, or maybe even do something entirely unique. No matter what you decide to do we can help you select the perfect materials and the right sizes for your portraits.

Traditional Wall Portraits

Product Showcase – Framed Prints (10)One popular way to display your family photos is in traditional frames. We offer a wide variety of beautiful framed print options that you can consider.

Frames come in many colors and styles, including a few boutique styles that we’ll be telling you more about soon… Any framed print that you purchase from us will arrive as a complete piece that is ready to hang. Of course you always have the option to frame your portraits yourself. There are many ways to add your own style to the process and you might consider making them non-traditional by painting or decorating them. You might do this to make the frame better fit the tone and personality of the portrait, or may you just want to do it because it’s fun and it matches your own personality!

PDawgs Calendar Session with AmyAlternatives to frames include Canvas Prints, High Gloss Metal Prints, and Float Wraps. All three of these options really focus the attention on the image itself (rather than diluting it with a frame or a mat). They can hang almost anywhere and they throw a very unique spin on your normal decorating. We have samples of all of these products available to show you when you come in for your ordering session.

Gallery Walls

A very popular way to display a number of images from a family portrait session (or images from several sessions over a few years) is to make a gallery wall that is specifically designed to display your portraits. This can consist of a shelf with a variety of frames, canvases, or mounted prints, or it could be a carefully designed collage wall with several pieces mounted together in a pattern. Your portraits can be displayed here for everyone to see when they visit.

Visit Pinterest for Wall Portrait Inspiration

Wall Portrait Display Ideas on PinterestPinterest is a fantastic place to go if you are looking for some inspiration in how to display your wall portraits. In fact we have a board in Pinterest call Product Ideas where we’ve been pinning some of the best wall display ideas that we’ve seen.

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Finding the perfect way to display your portraits can make a huge difference in the way a room looks. It’s always a great idea to have some idea of what products you want to end up with before you even come in for your family portrait session. Feel free to contact Sean at 403-615-3708 if you would like to discuss some of the options available to you or if you want to see some sample products before you book your session.

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