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Use More Interesting Images in your Advertising

I see websites and marketing pieces for small businesses in Calgary all the time that are generic and boring. They use the same typical stock photography that their competitors use. Or they use photos of people that don’t actually work in the business they are promoting. Or even worse, they use poor quality images that don’t truly represent the vibrant business that they want to show their clientele.

Do you want to stand out in the marketplace? Use custom commercial photography that shows you or your people in action doing the things that you do when your clients work with you. And use images of the actual products that you make or sell. And above all else, make sure that that the images you choose to use are really great and make your business look great too!

Ready, Set, Action!

The images in this article are from a recent on-location commercial photography session that I had with Cliff Keveryga of Calgary Home Inspections. This is not the first time that I’ve photographed a home inspector, but it was the first time that I worked with an inspector that understood the need to show off who he is and what he does in the pictures he uses on his website. He also understood that if he wants his website to look great then he needs to have vibrant and well lit photographs.

We created a wide variety of images for Cliff to review and he ended up choosing a few great photos that show off his professionalism and the quality tools that he uses to practice his trade. The photos of Cliff in action will show his prospective clients that he has the tools required to do his job and that he knows how to use them. This may seem subtle, but it really is important.

Home Inspection is a very competitive business in Calgary and just taking the extra step of using great photos of the actual business owner in action will help his clients to know, like, and trust him before they have ever even met him. This will allow Cliff to stand out from his competitors in a crowded market.

Book a Calgary Commercial Photographer

Commercial photography means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. But in almost any definition it would include creating great images that show off a business in the best possible light for their marketing and advertising materials. Are you ready to stand out from the crowd and make your website or marketing pieces shine? I would love to help you create the images that you need to do just that!

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Book a Calgary Commercial Photographer