The Cover Photo for the Spring 2014 edition of Exempt Edge Magazine

Commercial Portraits for OmniArch Capital

Images from one of my recent Calgary commercial photography clients have once again been featured on the cover and an article in the Spring 2014 edition of Exempt Edge Magazine. The cover and the article both feature images of Jay Modi, President & CEO of OmniArch capital. The session was done at the OmniArch offices and is a good example of what can be done by using the existing features of a corporate office rather than setting up a traditional studio backdrop.

During the shoot we created a wide variety of images of Jay and his staff, both posed and candid. The candid images were designed to show the team going about their business and interacting with each other. We wanted to ensure that the magazine had a good selection of photos to choose from to ensure that they were consistent with the store, but we also need to provide a selection of photos that Jay and his team could use for their own website and marketing materials.

Exempt Edge Magazine

Exempt Edge Magazine is a trade publication produced by NEMA for about about the Exempt Market financial industry in Canada. It is published quarterly and it goes out to all NEMA members. It can also be downloaded for free from the NEMA website. It has loads of valuable information for anyone interested in investing in non-traditional markets.

Calgary Commercial Photography

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