Hotel Photography for the Glenmore Inn

Hotel Advertising Images for Travel Booking Websites

The Glenmore Inn & Convention Centre needed all new photography for their website as well as for use on the various travel and booking sites. They needed a complete range of images that included the 8 different sizes/styles of guest rooms, the 3 specialty suites, and the 5 conferences rooms in their meeting center. These images are used to show the potential guests and event organizers exactly what they are going to get before they make a reservation.

The hotel also wanted to have a series of images that they could use on the website to show off some of the common areas, including the guest reception and lobby area, the pool, and the fitness center.

In addition to all of the interior images they also wanted some great exterior photographs that they could use on the home page and on other advertising materials for the hotel. I visited the hotel a couple of times at sunrise and sunset to make sure that we had some really great light that would make the building look great.

Calgary Commercial Photography

Do you need new architectural images of your facilities for your website or social media accounts? We can help you with commercial photography projects of all sizes. It’s very important to have great images that fit your brand and make your company look great. Interior and exterior images are all useful and we can tailor the timing of the photography sessions to make sure that your buildings are well lit and look great.

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