Industrial Photography for Up in Smoke Welding Apparel

Industrial Action Portraits

Industrial Photography for Up In Smoke Welding ApparelHere are some images from an industrial action photoshoot with Mac Schurr, owner of Up in Smoke Welding Apparel. Mac has developed a new product line of protective welding jackets for use in heavy industrial applications in the Alberta oil patch. He needed some great photography of the products that he could use on the company website and social media channels. He had a very clear vision for the style of the images that he wanted to use and we worked together to create those images.

There were two distinct sets of images that were required; action photos of the jackets being used in typical scenarios in the field and also some very clean product photography images for the sales pages of the website

Industrial Photography for Up In Smoke Welding ApparelFor the action photos we went to a fabrication yard in central Alberta where he welded some pipe together. Although we planned the timing of the job to coincide with the sunset so that we could have the best possible light for the images, the job was a real world welding situation in preparation for a pressure test of some industrial fittings. It was the perfect scenario for the images that he needed that could show off the how the products will really get used and how they are better than other garments marketed to the same end users. We were able to create a wide variety of photos that showed off the jackets in a real life scenario.

The product photographs were done using a mannequin in a controlled studio environment. Both front and back views were required for each garment and we also did some detail shots that really showed off the quality of the stitching and the beautiful grain of the leather. These images are perfect to allow the customers to see the details of the product before ordering.

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Industrial Photography for Up In Smoke Welding ApparelDo you need some new action portraits of your employees working in an industrial environment? Or maybe some product photography for your website or marketing materials? We can help! We can also do a wide variety of other commercial and industrial photography including corporate headshots of your executive team, images of your equipment working the field, or even candid coverage of a corporate event. Please contact Sean at 403-615-3708 if you have questions or need more information about any of the services that we can provide.

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