Classic Family Portraits

FFCA Mini Sessions 2013

I recently did a couple of days of mini sessions for the students and families at the SEE Campus of the Foundations for the Future Charter Academy. I saw 25 families over a 2 day period and created beautiful portraits for all of them using a portable photography studio that we set up in the gym at the school. We actually took 2 complete studio setups and each family that participated had their choice of a brick wall with wood floor (and an optional Christmas tree that we decorated for the event) or a pure white background. It was a pretty even mix of both sets. I’m going to feature some of the images that I made for a few of the families that participated in some of my upcoming blog posts.

Charitable Donation

As I always like to do when I do special photography events we collected money for a good cause. In this case we wanted to help out a few families that need some support during the holiday season. Each family that participated was asked to donate $10 to the cause, and I was able to top that up to an even $400. The money will be used to make Christmas just a little bit better for 4 families. Thanks to everyone that contributed!

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If you are looking to update your own family pictures then you can book a Family Portrait Session with me in the studio or an outdoor location of your choice. I do both indoor and outdoor photography sessions all year round, so don’t worry about the cold if you really want to go outside!

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