Some of the many amazing students at BTLC

The Biggest Smile in the Room

I was quietly waiting at the side of the room as the children entered the class. In many ways it was a normal day for the students, but they all knew that it was going to be a little bit different too. When Gabe walked in he immediately looked around and when he saw me he gave me the biggest smile you could imagine. He knew that I was going to be there to photograph him and his classmates, and he was oh so happy about it!

Gabe is one of the many amazing students at Behaviour Therapy and Learning Centre (BTLC) that need our help to raise funds for their school program.

Donate to the BTLC Pledge-a-Thon

Support the BTLC Pledge-a-Thon

Behaviour Therapy Learning Centre (BTLC) dedicates itself to providing exceptional education for preschool and kindergarten students with autism and other developmental disabilities using the principals of ABA. We provide the intensity, individualization, and a focus on functional skills needed for our students to achieve the greatest degree of independence possible and develop the capacity to participate in inclusive environments.

BTLC hopes to raise $32,000 with this year’s Pledge-A-Thon that will be used towards the instructional support and services, programming materials, and administration needed for the students to achieve their goals.

Donate to the BTLC Pledge-a-Thon

BTLC Student Headshots

I recently spent two days at the school to create images of the students and staff for use on the website and any other marketing materials they might need for the pledge-a-thon. I made individual headshots for all of the students but I also took the time to observe the children as they went about their day to day business. I tried hard to capture the spirit of each child and to show off the wonderful work that the staff does while the students are at the school. It was a really rewarding experience and I truly enjoyed myself!

Here are the headshots that were used for most of the students on the pledge-a-thon site. Be sure to go to the site to find out more about each of the children and to learn about their individual goals for the coming school year: