Behaviour Therapy Learning Centre (BTLC)

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The students at BTLC are like every other kid in so many ways; they laugh, they play, they run, and they smile. They are a pleasure to hang around with and very fun to photograph. But they don’t always learn the same way that students at other schools do. Many of them need some extra help from their teachers, or some extra time, and they often need different tools or individualized learning plans.

While BTLC does receive funding from Alberta Education and other charitable sources, the operating expenses for the program far exceed the funding available. That’s where we come in. They need our help!

Donate to the BTLC Pledge-a-Thon

Support the BTLC Pledge-a-Thon

BTLC hopes to raise $32,000 with this year’s Pledge-A-Thon. The money will be used towards the instructional support and services, programming materials, and administration needed for the students to achieve their individualized goals.

Donate to the BTLC Pledge-a-Thon

Student Portraits

I recently spent a full day with the students at the school to create images of the students and staff that could be used on the BTLC website and newsletter, as well as for any marketing collateral that they might need to promote the pledge-a-thon and other fundraising events over the coming year.

Here are some of my favorite images from the day I spent with the students:

Donate to the BTLC Pledge-a-Thon