Images of the Staff and Students at BTLC in Action

Thanks for your Support!

The recent Pledge-a-thon held by Behaviour Therapy and Learning Centre (BTLC) was a success thanks to a lot of people just like you. Together we helped the school to raise over $31,000. Although this was just shy of their goal of $32,000, it was over 3 times what they were able to raise last year and that has got to be considered a success by any measure!

BTLC can always use more help!

Behaviour Therapy Learning Centre (BTLC) dedicates itself to providing exceptional education for preschool and kindergarten students with autism and other developmental disabilities using the principals of ABA. We provide the intensity, individualization, and a focus on functional skills needed for our students to achieve the greatest degree of independence possible and develop the capacity to participate in inclusive environments.

The money that BTLC raised in the recent Pledge-a-thon will go a long way to helping the students at the school to meet their own goals. But that money only goes so far and they can always use more help. You can use the following link to learn more about the school and their fundraising needs. Please consider helping if you can…

Donate to BTLC

Behind the Scenes Images

Here are a few more images from my recent visits to the school. These are more behind the scenes images showing how the staff and students interact with each other to progress the goals of each student.