I was given the opportunity to do a short (5 minute) presentation about my business today at the Calgary Professional Business Owners & Managers Meetup Group that I attend regularly, and I decided to use a fusion video slideshow of images to show off some of my favorite work from the past year.

Some of you may remember another video slideshow that I showed here a couple of months ago entitled “A Year in Pictures“. I was very happy with that presentation but the slideshow itself was over 5 minutes long, and so I had to cut it down.

I’m calling this the short version of “A Year in Pictures” because it includes many of the images that I used in the longer one, but the total length of the slideshow is now just under 2 minutes. Using this version for my presentation today allowed me to talk about my Calgary Photography business while also showing just enough images to give the group a good overview of the type of photography that I’m capable of creating and interested in doing.

A Year in Pictures Slideshow – Short Version – Calgary Portrait Photographer