I prepared the above video as part of a presentation I gave today and thought I should share it here as well. The intent was to show off some of my work but it in many ways it became a retrospective of work I’ve done in the past year.

It has been an amazing year for me and as I approach the end of my first full year as a full-time professional photographer I can’t help but get excited when I think back on all of the incredible opportunities that I’ve had. This video contains some of my favorite images and it shows the wide variety of work that I’ve done. I think it also shows off the style that I’ve developed in that time.

It should be obvious that I love to photograph people. I love working with people of all ages, including families, children (even the furry ones), and other business people. But even more than that, I love to mix it up and to cover all the details of every event and every occasion.

Thank you to all of my clients and friends for allowing me to come into your lives, to participate and to observe. I will cherish every memory, and I look forward to working with all of you again soon!