WRC SoccerI’ve been getting a few calls and emails asking for an update on delivery of the pictures for WRC Soccer. All of the images have been delivered to the WillowRidge Community Center. As I understand it the U6 and U8 Pictures will be handed out at the Wind Up BBQ on June 22nd along with the medals and some food and fun.

U10 and U12 team managers can contact Francine at the Community Center ([email protected] or call 403-271-8044) to find out when and where to pick up their picture packages.

To find out about ordering Reprints and Enlargments you can always go to our WRC Soccer Picture Day page. That page will be kept up to date with all the information about the soccer pictures, including links to the image galleries and sample images of some of the specialty products that are available to purchase, including Trader Cards, Magazine Covers, and Sport Posters. All of the images are now available in the Client Area and can be ordered easily using our new order entry system.


Feel free to ask if you have any questions or concerns?