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Ride the Rideau 2013

I had the privilege to spend the day on course with the cyclists that rode in the Ride the Rideau, a 100km bike ride from Ottawa to Merrickville in Ontario. The ride was a charity event in support of cancer treatment and research at the Ottawa Hospital.

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Behind the Scenes at the Starbucks Run for Women

Behind the scenes images from the Calgary leg of the Starbucks Run for Women National Series, including a few of Catriona Le May Doan who was there as both a participant and keynote speaker.

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WRC Soccer Pictures – 2012 Schedule

WRC Soccer picture days start up this week and the master schedule has been released. I have no doubt that there will be changes (there always are) but for now you can find all the latest and greatest information about soccer pictures on the WRC Socc main page: WRC Soccer Picture Day 2012 That page will be kept up to date with all the information about the soccer pictures, including links to the image galleries as soon as they are posted. Feel free to ask if you have any questions about the process?

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Picture Day at 5 Elements Martial Arts

Photoshoot with the Students at 5 Elements Martial Arts Picture days for sports teams and clubs have been a fun part of my business over the last couple of years and I recently added another great club to the roster of teams that I have worked with. 5 Elements Martial Arts is a Karate Dojo in South Calgary and I had the pleasure of working with a number of their athletes to create individual and team portraits. They posed in their favorite forms and I also had most of them doing jumps, kicks, and punches to create some cool action shots. Here are a few of my favorite images from the session, including a number of the custom products that I created for them. Magazine Covers, Trader Cards, 2012 Calendars, and Fridge Magnets are just a few of the products available to the team.

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Canadian Ultimate Championships 2011

I recently had the good fortune to compete at the 2011 Canadian Ultimate Championships (CUC) in Ottawa, Ontario. I went as a member of Epic, which is one of 2 Alberta Masters teams that competed in the tournament. I've been playing the sport of Ultimate for almost 20 years and this is the 3rd time I've been able to play at the CUC. Although my team and I didn't do so well in the tournament this time around, playing at a National Championship event is truly an amazing experience and I will always be proud that I was able to go. We had a great time and it was definitely worth the effort we put in to get there. Although playing in the tournament kept me very busy, I did manage to photograph some of my teammates in action. I was also able to catch some parts of a few of the other games played by Calgary teams at the tournament. Unfortunately the majority of the Calgary teams were scheduled to play in all the same time slots and therefore I really wasn't able to see as many of their games as I would have liked to watch... Here are a few of my favorite images from the tournament, including players from Epic (Masters), FigJam vs. Glum (Masters), Wild Rose vs. Salty (Women's), and CUJO (Juniors).

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