Facebook Timeline Cover Image Template - Hearts and Swirls

Sample Facebook Timeline Cover Image

Custom Facebook Timeline Cover Images

I’m starting to roll out some new templates for my portrait photography clients to use on Facebook as their Cover Image for the new Timeline feature. If you don’t know what that is, you can find some information about Facebook Timeline (and turn it on) at the following link:

Introducing Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline is currently optional, but very soon everyone will be converted over and will have to use it.

One of the really nice features about Facebook Timeline is that it features one very large header image at the top of everyone’s profile. This can be any old picture, or you can use a custom designed cover image featuring multiple images and text that you want to display. I have a number of Facebook Timeline Cover Image templates already available (see the gallery below) and I will gradually be rolling out more and more over time.

Custom Cover Images can also be created using your favorite pictures from any past portrait session and using almost any of my custom greeting card templates as a starting point. So if you don’t see exactly what you want in the template gallery then feel free to have a look through the greeting card templates. They can all be easily modified, so feel free to ask!


Facebook Timeline Cover Images are now available in the Client Area for ordering. Note that these are custom products (rather than direct downloads) and they generally take a couple of days to prepare. The ordering process is simple… Choose your template, add your preferred text, select your favorite photographs from your previous portrait session, and submit your order. I will prepare your custom Facebook Timeline Cover Image and send it to you via email. Easy peasy!

Special Offer – FREE Facebook Timeline Cover Image

Here is a limited time special offer for all of my past Calgary Portrait Photography clients; I would love to see my images on your Facebook Timeline, so please send me an email by January 31st at 11:59 PM with the subject “FREE Facebook Timeline Cover Image“. I will create a coupon for you and reactivate your old gallery so you can select your images.

Note that free products will include the Riverwood Photography logo and/or my contact information.

Sample Image Gallery

Here are a few sample images using the templates I currently have ready for use. Facebook Timeline Cover Images can be created using almost any of my custom greeting card templates, and all of these templates can be easily modified. So if you don’t see exactly what you want here, please feel free to ask.