I prepared the above video as part of a presentation that I did last week for some of the other local small businesses that I work with and I wanted to share it here as well. It is an animated slideshow that shows off some of my favorite photography from the last year. I did so many photography sessions all over Calgary last year and it was really hard to narrow it down to just a few images.

I’m close to the end of my second full year as a full-time professional photographer and looking back at all the things I’ve done and the people I’ve met is nothing short of amazing. I love the work that I do and I’m so glad that I took the opportunity that life presented me with and ran with it. Thanks to all of you for supporting me and my business!

I know I’m not really supposed to quote myself, but this is how I said it last year when I did my first “Year in Pictures” video, and I think it says it all perfectly:

“Thank you to all of my clients and friends for allowing me to come into your lives, to participate and to observe. I will cherish every memory, and I look forward to working with all of you again soon!”

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