Virtual Tour of the Nanton Candy Store

Nanton Candy Store

I was recently contracted by Cohesion Media and Nanton Candy to create a variety of virtual panoramic tours of the Nanton Candy Store for use on their website. They wanted tours from several locations in the store so that visitors to the website could see “walk through” the store and see the huge variety of fun stuff that they sell in the store.

They chose to display 4 tours from different vantage points on their website. This is just enough to create a really good cross section of their facility. You can see the tours on the Nanton Candy Store website:

View the Nanton Candy Store Virtual Tour

Virtual Panoramic Tours

Virtual 360° Tours are a really easy way to show retail and commercial locations from top to bottom and all around so that visitors to the website can get a good feel for what is inside without ever actually physically visiting the place. These tours are perfect for retail stores, product showrooms, real estate listings, condo and apartment rental companies, and so much more!

If you want to learn more about virtual panoramic tours for your Calgary Business, or to get a quote for Commercial Photography at your facility please call Sean at 403-615-3708.